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Lucy Maud Montgomery showed talent as a writer as early as junior grades in Elementary School. This section is dedicated to the author and in a brief description demonstrates her incredible talent and imagination. The novels have been organized in chronological order.



The Author's First Novel Published in 1908

Published in 1909

Published in 1910

Published in 1911

Published in 1913

Published in 1915


Published in 1917


Published in 1919


Published in 1921


Published in 1923


Published in 1925

While in Norval Lucy Maud Montgomery published 6 more Novels.

Blue Castle was Published in 1926

Emily's Quest was Published in 1927

Magic for Marigold was Published in 1929

A Tangled Web was Published in 1931

Pat of Silver Bush was Published in 1933

Mistress Pat was Published in 1935

After Lucy Maud Montgomery and Reverend MacDonald left Norval and moved to Journey's End in Toronto the writing and publishing frenzy continued.

Published in 1936

Published in 1937


Published in 1939


An unbelievable career for an incredible author, Aside from her novels, Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote in exess of 500 Poems and Short Stories. The Watchman and Other Poems was published in 1916. She also wrote an Autobiography entitled The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career published in 1917 in the Everywoman's World. Her best known non-fiction was Courageous Women published in 1934.

Lucy Maud Montgomery's stories remain popular today and are read worldwide

Tourists from all over the world travel to Norval.

Explore Norval where Lucy Maud Montgomery lived for 9 years. Visit the historic sites Montgomery photographed and wrote about in her personal journals. To learn more about the author visit the Museum dedicated in her memory, located at Crawford's Village Bake Shop.

Norval is Family friendly offering beautiful nature trails on the Credit River. McNab Park on Noble Street provides excellent fishing, riverside trail and areas for Family picnics.

The Willow Park Ecology Centre provides fascinating nature programs for all ages. Parking is available on Mary Street.

The village of Norval was settled by 1820. Today many historic buildings remain, including our 3 historic churches which are open to the public.

You will discover our Pioneer Cemeteries, the former home of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the Heritage Gradens, our unique Analemmatic Sundial and many more historic buildings including the Norval Disciples of Christ Church and Lilac Lawns.


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