Definition: In the Presbyterian Church the Minister's residence - if owned by the church - is called a Manse.


The Manse in 2013


The Manse during Reverend Macdonald's years 1926-1935.


First Floor Plan


The interior of the Manse during the time Lucy Maud Montgomery and her family lived in the manse.




On the second floor where the Maid's quarter was located and where the bedrooms were situated, a very small room, that at one time was a storage room, became Lucy Maud Montgomery's writing area. When Lucy Maud Montgomery was in the room writing, she was not to be disturbed. If the children wanted anything they had to pass a note under the door.


The Second Floor Plan




Lucy Maud Montgomery loved gardening. Her gardens became more and more beautiful. Eventually quite a 'war' broke our as others took up the challenge and created most beautiful gardens themselves, It is appropriate for the Norval population today to have an incredibly beautiful garden dedicated to Lucy Maud Montgomery.

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Hill of Pines

The Manse then and now